Slow or erratic door? 


Jammed or inoperable door?


Squeaky noisy door?


Did you know that a tune up service on your garage door can make a significant diffrence in the way it operates?


If your garage door or garage door opener is making unusal sounds, 

your door needs a tune up.


A.M.B Garage Doors tune up includs: a full inspection of your door, lubrication, springs adjustment (if needed), opener adjustment and lithium grease lubrication (if needed).


Call today to schedule a tune up and inspection for your garage door.

$59 today can save you hundreds of dollars tomorrow.


Please be advised that throughout the inspection the technician may suggest replacing failing parts.




  • ‚ÄčNew garage doors installation

  • New openers installation

  • Garage door repairs

  • Panel replacement

  • Springs replacement

  • Off truck door repairs

  • Cable replacement

  • Tune up

  • Garage door remotes

  • Garage door keypads

  • And more

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